SQL development

SQL Cookbook
A. Molinaro
Very useful

Learning SQL
A. Beaulieu
A very good book to learn SQL

SQL Design Patterns
V. Tropashko
Advanced SQL programming

SQL for smarties
J. Celko
Advanced SQL programming

Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties
J. Celko
Advanced SQL programming

The Art of SQL
S. Faroult, P. Robson

SQL Performance Explained 
M. Winand
A good guide to query optimisation

SQL Antipatterns

SQL Practice problems
S.M. Vasilik

Database design

SQL and Relational theory
C.J. Date
How to think relational

Database Design & Relational theory
C.J. Date
About normal forms

The New Relational Database Dictionary
C.J. Date
A good companion

Bases de données
J-L. Hainaut
A very good book for practitioners

Time and Relational Theory
C.J. Date ,H. Darwen , N. Lorentzos

Foundations of databases
S.Abiteboul, R.Hull, V.Vianu

Database systems
H.Garcia-Molina, J.D. Ullman, J.Widom

Modélisation des bases de données avec UML
C.Soutou, F.Brouard


PostgreSQL Up & Running
E. Obe, L. Hsuy
A good introduction

PostgreSQL Administration Essentials
 H-J. Schöning
A good introduction

PostgreSQL Developer’s Guide
 I. Ahmed, A. Fayyaz, A. Shahzad
A good introduction

Mastering PostgreSQL 9.6
H-J. Shönig


Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook 5th Ed.
E.Nemeth, G.Snyder, T.R. Hein, B. Whaley and D.Mackin
Foundational for many years

Logic & Mathematics

Logic in action
J. van Benthem
Gentle guide to contemporary logic with a lot of examples and diagrams

W. Hodges
Advised by J.C Date as a gentle introduction to logic.

A beginner’s guide to mathematical logic
R. M. Smullyan
Not an easy reading but very instructive

A beginner’s further guide to mathematical logic
R. M. Smullyan
Very instructive but not an easy reading

Du principe de contradiction chez Aristote
J. Lukasiewicz
Helps to understand that the operator called “not” is very difficult to understand

La syllogistique d’Aristote
J. Lukasiewicz
Not an easy reading but full of wisdom

Discrete and combinatorial mathematics
R. P. Grimaldi
A gentle introduction