The company​
XL-connection is a one person company that offers
• Excel interactive dashboards connected to SQL databases
• Training and coaching in Excel (aka XL) and SQL

The concept
• want smart data visualization and reporting tools
• want smart user interfaces to corporate data
• want to analyse data
• want to perform simulations and predictions
Then XL dashboards connected to databases is the solution !

The methodology
A prototype that evolves interactively

The market
Any organisation working with data

The world of XL
XL is a valuable asset for the future of data analytics

The owner
Michel Depiesse (pronounce “de pi s”)
• has 35 years of experience in IT
• has a strong background in database development
• communicates in Dutch, English and French
• has a mathematical mindset and a talent for communication
• works to get XL Certifications

• 4 Mar 2018 : creation of XL-connection
• 2 Sep 2018 : launch of the site of XL-connection with a portfolio
• End 2018 : XL Certifications 77-727 and 77-728

Business plan
• Costs : a few books about XL, statistics and dashboards
• Marketing : mailings with a link to the site